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Get your gun rights back!  Whether you were convicted of a felony or even some of the many domestic violence misdemanors, we can help.  

Many people have had their firearms rights stripped from them, sometimes for an offense that was eventually dismissed. Some people don't even realize that they lost their rights, because it was never mentioned when they were convicted. Once you discover they have been lost, we can help get your firearm rights back.

Guns have been a part of life in this state since before we were a state. Maybe you like to hunt, or even just have a friend who does. Maybe you want the security of a firearm to protect your family. Maybe you just like the way they look. The reason doesn't matter. Your rights do.

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Gun rights locked up?

I can help.

Firearm Rights Restoration - Can a felon own a gun?
In most cases, YES! We can restore gun rights for most people 

The laws recently changed and got a lot more strict.  Even with the new laws, we can still help.  You will need a minimum of 5 years without any convictions before you are eligible to restore. The good news there is that we can clean up some records to help you get that 5 years. That is done by vacating or expunging parts of your record. Even rights lost to a DV conviction can often be restored. More good news is that convictions that don't impact firearm rights also don't count during those 5 years.  

Whether you want to collect historic firearms, hunt, or just put little holes in paper from a long distance, we can help restore your gun rights.  As long as you have not committed a Class A felony, a sex offense, an out of state conviction, or been involuntarily committed to a mental institution, the odds are really good that we can restore your rights to own and possess guns. 

Just because you got in a little trouble when you were younger should not mean that you are denied your constitutional rights.  Give us a call, and we'll see how we can help you.  

Restore your rights! Even after a felony or DV conviction, many people are eligible to restore their gun rights.  Call us today, and we'll be happy to help you see if you are eligible. All it takes is a little information, and we do most of the rest. 


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Protect your family!  Most petitions take as little as 60 days to get through the system. In most cases you won't even have to go to court. We take care of that for you. After everything is done, you will be able to carry a concealed pistol and pass your NICS check. 


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Enjoy target shooting!  Get back to a really fun hobby you enjoyed when you were young. Even if you have tried to purchase and been denied, or if you expunged your conviction, and are still denied, call us! We can help get a NICS denial overturned.   


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I'm a US Army veteran, and I served in Desert Storm and Somalia.  I later spent several years in the Reserves.  I went to college up at Western Washington University, where I graduated with honors.  Following WWU I headed out to Lexington Virginia, where I graduated from the prestigious Washington & Lee School of Law.  I returned home, passed the bar and got to work defending people's rights.  Now I put my skill to work for you.  

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